Thank You Notes

Shannon–YOU ROCK!! Casey and I had such a good time with you and we cannot wait to show off our skills! Thanks again for working with us :)Shawna

Hi Shannon!
Our Surprise dance went perfectly! We practiced a lot the night before and squeezed in a run-through right before we debuted, and we did not miss a step! Everyone LOVED IT!!! My grandma told me we looked like Dancing w/the Stars! 🙂 We did get video taken but don't have it yet- I will for sure send you a copy when we get it! Thanks SO Much!!!! Marlies ( The Way I Are by Timbaland)


Shannon our wedding was so great! We've had a couple of more chances to practice so far this summer at our friend's weddings…great song and fabulous choreography! Thanks for helping us make the day special. Bria

Hi Shannon ,Thank you for the dance lessons. We didn't get every step, but certainly had a good time, and it showed!

-Tracy Knight



Here are some letters of reference

  • Shannon,
    The highlight of my wedding day was our first dance! The dance lessonsleading up to the wedding were so much fun. We were both so excited to surprise everyone with everything we had learned. Brandon was confident and I just let him lead me through to a perfect ending. Everyone stood up clapping, cheering and some were even crying! At the end of the night we both agreed the dance was one of the most romantic and exciting moments of the whole wedding!
    Thank you so much for an amazing dance,
    Erin and Brandon Curtis
  • Hi Shannon, You would have been proud!! Telli and Kelli pulled off their dance with cheers from their friends who were all gathered around the floor. The beginning of the dance fit them so well and at each spin or flourish (the matador, the bits of swing, the slow turn around, the dip and kiss) the onlookers whistled, clapped and cheered some more. Telli and Kelli loved every minute and Doug and I smilled and felt proud. It was great! Thank you so much for all your help. Will send pictures when we see them….. k
  • Thanks a million, Shannon!
    Thank you very much for your lessons! You are a great teacher and know how to have fun with your students.
    Best of luck in your career! Rodica & Chip
  • Hi Shannon,
    I created a wedding album online and attached the pic of the "dancing
    page".If you would like me to give you a print of any dance pics to put upin your studio, I'd be happy to. Just let me know.
    Again, thanks SO much for all your help! The lessons with you were
    some of the most fun memories of the wedding preparation.
    Rachel and Tyler Ainsworth
  • Shannon is an incredible teacher for all ages and abilities. Before our younger daughter's wedding, we bought group dance lessons for our whole family. That included our daughter and her fiance and our older daughter and her husband and my husband and I. With such differences in ages and varying levels of grace and ability, I worried about everybody enjoying the experience. No worries! All of us enjoyed Shannon's professionalism and sense of humor. We had a great time at the lessons and a great time strutting our new steps at the wedding. We think it is one of the best family presents we've ever given. We plan to take more lessons from Shannon again soon.
    Katherine Young (Mother of Megan)
  • Shannon immediately eliminated our "first dance" jitters. Her bubbly personality, coupled with her expertise, made our dance lessons so much more than just learning the steps – they were actually FUN! I would refer anyone and everyone to her for their lessons, and I will never forget the ease that we felt during our first dance on our wedding day.
    Katie Britt
  • We very much enjoyed our first lesson with Dance Experts, and are looking forward to our next 2.
    The lessons are at a very nice pace, and we have a lot of confidence in Shannon, our instructor.
    Dance Experts is an excellent selection for first song wedding dance choreography.
    — Hailey Smith & Peter Houtrouw
  • Dear Shannon,
    We can't thank you enough for helping us with our wedding day dance. Our dance to the Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Woman was a complete success. Our friends and family were shocked that my new husband FINALLY learned how to dance. We got so many compliments thanks to you. I will highly recommend you to others. If you can teach my husband to dance, you can teach ANYONE!
    Katie Simon (formerly Salinas)
  • Shannon was the perfect choreographer for us. We picked a Michael Buble' song and Shannon knew every word. She really helped us to hit the highlights of the music and everyone loved our dance.
    Jennifer & Nick Wells
  • Dear Shannon,
    Thank you for saving the day. We were so discouraged after our first attempt at dance lessons we thought we might not even dance. After convincing Jim to give it a try with a "wedding teacher" we were so glad to have met you. You were so much more in tune with us and how we would like to look for our wedding.
    We are happy to give others this recommendation, don't waste your time with anyone else, Shannon is the best!
    Sincerely, Brianna & Jim Nelson
  • Thanks for your email Shannon,
    Shane and I have had a busy time since our wedding last September. We bought a house, sold my condo and now I am almost six months pregnant! I had been meaning to get in contact with you but things have been so busy and time has definitely gotten away from me. Our wedding dance was great. I was incredibly nervous and tripped on my dress hem in the first spin. This unsettled me so much that I was forgetting my steps for the first minute of the song, but Shane was amazing and kept his composure and led me through it gracefully. By the time our spins and swing portion came around we were both relaxed and having fun and the last part of the dance with the dip was executed perfectly. Our guests seemed pretty impressed (as they should be)! We just got our video back a few weeks ago and were so pleased with the dance and that we pulled off something so ambitious for us and so long! The memory of it and having it on the video is priceless for us and the little mistakes I made at the beginning are barely noticeable. Thanks again for helping us with such great choreography and lessons. It really added a special element to the whole occasion. Attached is a picture our photographer John Hong took.
  • Hi Shannon,
    I wanted to write you a quick thank you and let you know we rocked our dances! You would have been so proud. Especially Jim and I who were less than stellar students. I will send you the video when we get it. I attached a picture of the dip. We hit it right on cue. 🙂 And the table behind us is our family table. Who knew he'd remember to turn us in that direction! Allison & Jim

Harry & Carol