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Shannon Knauss with her ballroom dance partner

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Everyone has fun learning to dance when they learn from the experts!

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Shannon Knauss


If you are a total non-dancer, dancefloor avoider, or a really bad dancer, come see me! I am especially skilled in teaching people with two left feet. I always bring my sense of humor to the lessons and will prescribe laughter as a remedy for any awkward moment.

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Wedding Packages

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Make your dreams come true! I am very experienced in all dances and music genres. It is my goal to listen to you and adapt to find a dance style that is suitable for your personality. I will not try to make you into something you are not. I especially enjoy working with fun couples, and making partner dancing a great way for them to show off their teamwork. Below are my three most popular wedding dance instruction packages, but I'm also able to create a customized package to meet your specific needs.

Focuses on simple, easy to learn dancing to a specific song

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Ensures comfort & confidence with at least one more highlight move to make you shine

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Ten private lessons will make your first dance a truly unique show stopper

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