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  • Would it be better to try some group classes before signing up for a private lesson?
    NO! Group classes are not for everyone. Especially for couples, you will not enjoy a group class that has you rotating partners and dancing with other people for the majority of the lesson. Additionally, group classes usually have a set lesson plan. If you don't get it right away, they move on without you. Private lessons move at your pace.
  • Is the lesson rate per person?
    No, the private lesson and package rates are for the couple. Please inquire about group rates for additional people.
  • How long is one lesson?
    Each lesson is 55 minutes long.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    I accept cash, check, Paypal, Zelle & Venmo.
  • Do you offer a FREE trial lesson?
    Beware of "FREE" lessons - you get what you pay for! Free lessons are not given out of the kindness of a studio's heart. Most "free lessons" at dance studios are simply a lure to get you through the door. Much of the lesson is spent convincing you of the benefits of dance as a lifetime hobby and reviewing lengthy and expensive packages. The free lesson’s emphasis is not actually on learning to dance but rather on selling you more lessons. It costs a dance studio thousands of dollars to create a dance instructor and promote their business. Therefore, they must recoup their loss on the "FREE" lesson by hiking up the price on any lessons you purchase in the future. A "FREE" lessons generally consists of 20 minutes of dance instruction (which may not even focus entirely on your actual dancing goals) and the rest of the "lesson" is a sales pitch. With me, you can expect upfront pricing and answers to all your questions before you even walk through the door. All of my lessons are intensive and focused on your specific needs from the onset.
  • Do you teach same sex couples?
    Absolutely YES!
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