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Private Instruction

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Private lessons make your dance goals an exciting reality! Whether you goal is to be a more competent social dancer, prepare for a special event, or stand out at a competition, the one-on-on personal attention you will receive through private instruction  will allow you to reach your goals in the quickest, and most efficient way possible. 

Dance Styles

  • Ballroom

  • Latin

  • Swing

  • Country

  • Salsa

  • Weddings

Benefits of Private Instruction

Learn Faster

Choose the dances you want to learn and set the pace that feels best for you

Dance for Dates

Confidence is sexy! 

Learn how to to be the dancer everyone wants as a partner

Individualized Instruction

One-on-one attention ensures that you will be taught in a way that suits your specific learning style

Everyone is Welcome

Out Dancing

Whatever your preferred pronoun, you can learn to dance - Lead, Follow or both! Singles & Couples

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