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Dance Experts Dancers

A true Dance Expert recognizes each student's personal goals and unique needs, and can tailor their instruction to best serve the student.

Dance Experts don't need to rely on gimmicks or sales tricks, their experience and track record are a testament to their expertise. 


If you are a total non-dancer, dancefloor avoider, or a really bad dancer, come see me! I am especially skilled in teaching people with two left feet. I always bring my sense of humor to the lessons and will prescribe laughter as a remedy for any awkward moment. With over 25 years of experience serving the Seattle area, I can promise you will receive the highest quality of instruction to help you achieve your dancing goals.

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Shannon Knauss

Professional Experience

  • Certified Instructor in 26 Dances

  • Qualified Instructor in 50 Dances

  • DanceSport Judge at Local & Regional Competitions Since 2002

  • Coach to Champion Competitors

  • Award Winning Choreographer

  • Wedding Dance Specialist

  • Talent Agent - Casting Dancers for Screen, Stage & Events 

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