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Wedding Packages

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Make all your dreams come true! Well, let's be realistic, my job is to make you both look good and feel comfortable. My goal is not to make a huge production dance number, unless you ask for it! I have been the leading wedding dance specialist in Seattle since 1992 because my methodology focuses on making you look good, not trying to make you into something you are not. When you work with me you can rest assured that there are no hidden costs, gimmicks, or or upsell contracts, so our time can be spent doing what you came to do - dance!

"1 & Done" - $80

This single session is 55 minutes long, and can be a great option for father-daughter or mother-son dances

"Confidence" - $350

($50 discount)

Over five private lessons you will learn how to look comfortable and relaxed dancing to your special song

"Crash Course" - $200

($40 discount)

Three private lessons cover simple, easy to learn dancing for the couple that just wants to know the basics

"Lookin' Good" - $700

($100 discount)

Ten private lessons will make your first dance a truly unique show stopper! This package includes one lesson for your parent's dance or a group lesson for your wedding party so everyone can join in on the fun

Student Testimonials

blurry black and white background image of a bride and groom dancing
When I met Shannon Knauss 8 years ago I knew we'd work together for a very long time. Her professionalism in the dance industry shines with every new venture and the enthusiasm she exudes for dancing is truly contagious. I have worked with many a dancer, instructor and student and Shannon's experience and expertise with a variety of dance styles is second to none. Shannon's eye for talent and her supportiveness over the years never ceases to amaze me. Simply put, she's fabulous. 

~ Summer

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